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Dec 6, 2009

I Like Eating Template

Click the image to get this nice kitchen template code for your blog.

For creating this template,i've used digiscraps from


  1. Your template is nice..i'm using this in my blog

  2. Dear Nani Suni,

    Thanks for using my template. i gave your blog address under MY TEMPLATE USERS Labels.

  3. Hi Ammupapa, i'm Lia from Indonesia. I'm use your templete as my blog template. But, i have one question for you. How to add the new picture in the blog?? i'm try but not success. Need your answer please. Thank you.

  4. hi lia,

    thanks for using my template,but you removed the credit blog design and digiscrap... for me its not necessary,but if you are giving its highly appreciated.. but the images are free to use for personal use,so we should give the credit for digi-scrap . so please give the credit below as Blog Design by Ammupappa and Digiscrap by . Anyway i'm giving your bloglink in MY TEMPLATE USERS LIST. Thank you.
    Now about your question,adding new picture... where you have to add? as a header image? or inside bar?

  5. Hi Ammupappa, i'm sorry for deleting the credit blog design and digiscrap. I'm really sorry. But i now, i already add the credit.

    I can't add the foto in right side bar. In my blog, i have 2 picture/logo's. And i want to add 1 more logo. Need your advise. Thank you.

  6. Hi,

    to add foto,go to layout, click add a gadget, then select Picture (6th option in the gadget),then choose foto from your computer or store in any website like photobucket and give the this you can add too much fotos. i think you got your answer now. if not mail me, i'll reply more clearly.

  7. Hi Ammupappa, thanks for your advise. Last week ago i also try the way that you give for me to add new picture but unfortunattely, it doesn't work. But today, i trying again and succes to upload new photo's. Thank you very much for helping me ;)

  8. Hi Lia,

    felt happy with your success. If you need any help in future, you are always welcome.

  9. Dear caterina,
    thanks for using my templates.


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